just yoongi sliding his hand down jimin’s arm


got7 + facebook 

1st: i want some mblaq blogs and reblods pleaze. 2nd: i wish u have more bloges of mblaq. That what the Arabic person was asking to. Look like they are an mblaq's fan :)

okay, thank you!!! I figured that’s what was being asked, but just to be sure…. thank you soooo much for translating for me!!!!

>.< I hate not being about to understand people, but it cannot be helped since I don’t know the language…..

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To be perfectly honest my dash is really overloaded with SM artists, BTS, Got7, VIXX, and BTOB…. I need some variety…..

you have such an amazing personality, seriously.

Aw thank you anon!!! I’m not that great in person tbh tho, I just try really hard on tumblr lol

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What kind of Arabic? I can read some if u like ?

Thank you anon! ^^ I’m not sure what kind, but here

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U have no idea how much popular mblaq is in our country. Pls blog some more of our mblaqies. Thnx.

I blogged a few things for you just now~ I’ll try to reblog them more often, they’re a fun group, it’s just that they don’t pop up on my dash a whole lot and I don’t search tags unless I need to. But I followed some more MBLAQ blogs just for you guys ^^

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Hey, its okay if you don't want to answer this, but what's your nationality? And what country do you live in?

You’re fine. I’m Caucasian (white) and I live in the United States. My ancestors are from Europe, most prominently Sweden and England.

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besides that video of lee joon smacking dayoung in the face this is my fave mblaq video

let’s not forget about this

Mir - Men’s Health & Sure Magazine

I got three messages in my inbox while I was out, two of which included some Arabic, which I cannot read, but I believe they’re all asking for some MBLAQ? Anyways I’ll blog some MBLAQ for you guys ^^

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"i had to deal with all his puberty mood swings back then" aka taewoon feels strongly about chicken x