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I try really hard to be a judgement free, open-minded person.  I don’t talk much but I will talk a lot if I feel it’s necessary or I have a lot of thoughts on the subject.  I try to be a thoughtful person c:

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in which taehyung is the leader for a day and uses his authority to shut hoseok up

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i want a gas that does the opposite of helium

so I can inhale it and be like 


"u only have 1 chance u kno"

Sulfur Hexafluoride


yes Lulu, maybe you should check tumblr

A man’s slumber party.

*opens tumblr tab*
*realizes you have five other tumblr tabs open in the same window*

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when eunkwang was talking about preparing for another comeback...

exo playing soccer

Shit BTOB Says: MTV Diary

How about letting go of that act, hm?