namjoon the brain and taehyung the clown

» What Bangtan listens to (probably)


Rap Mon: 50% Kanye West 50% SNSD (#sone4lyfe)

Jin: Boys Over Flowers OST

Suga: DNH, Epik High, Dynamic Duo, Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, predebut mixtapes

J Hope: old western cowboy music

Jimin: *sexy saxophone music*

Taehyung: E.T. Orchestra Soundtrack

Jungkook: Hannah Montana


저희는 열심히 연습을 하고있습니다! 브라질 아미 여러분 내일 만나요:)

We are practicing hard!
Brazil ARMYs see you tomorrow:)

Trans cr; Nika @ bts-trans 

Red Velvet's first introduction & their 5th member...
♡ do you ship Jony

Some people need to learn the difference between video situations and reality apparently. You can dislike the dance and the song all you want, and you can even object to the lesbian concept, but calling them bitches and whores is too much. 4L is simply doing as they’re directed to. Y’all don’t hate on SM artists when they release a crappy video, you blame SM for that. Why are these girls any different?

And if you’re objecting to this MV, but loving it when boy groups do their sexy concepts then YOU’VE GOT ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO HATE ON 4L FOR SIMPLY TRYING TO STAND OUT IN THE INDUSTRY.

What is your fav mv concepts?

Just in general? Or specific examples? I guess I’ll give specifics ^^

Though it was a little gross, Vixx Voodoo was amazing.

The toy soldier concept for SHINee Everybody was really unique and they all looked sooooo good QAQ

Block B as pirates will ALWAYS be a yes from me

IU’s The Red Shoes was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Loved the Great Gatsby vibe to it

Akdong Musician’s Melted was sooooo powerful is a favorite of mine.

I’ll cap it at 5 because this answer was getting ridiculously long. In fact I think I’ll make a full list of all concepts I love elsewhere ^^ look out for it if you’re curious!!

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Who are your top 5 girl groups?

Hmmmm….. Not in any particular order, but I’d say:

2ne1, Mamamoo, f(x), GLAM, and 15&

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Have you heard the song look at me by girls day?

When you sent this ask, no I had not. I never listened to the Summer Time album because I didn’t particularly like Darling. But I went and listened to it just for you anon! ^^ it’s stuck in my head now lol

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Your blog is hella cool ^^

Thanks hella cool anon ;)

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Are you watching it's okay it's love?


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There was also a shot of 9/11 as well

Ahhh yeah that’s what I saw. That and the atomic bomb. Or so netizens seem to think.

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The song is anti war but I think the upbeat ness of the song makes it still feel sour and they could do something about the slurs. They could have said something about Germany (which doesn't really have slurs like that) but they used slurs.

Slurs? Hmmm I hadn’t heard much about that. I just saw a few complaints and a screen cap that apparently includes pictures of the twin towers and the Hiroshima bomb but it looked pretty sketchy to me, idk. I really don’t know enough about the issue to make an opinion on it yet so thanks for the info anon! I’ll look into it more

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